Reinvent your practice

Settle Petal Yoga Accessories lets you express yourself while staying completely posed and present within your practice. We strive to reinvent the way we practice with rituals and 5 minute practices to help you connect body mind and soul anytime and anywhere.

100% biodegradable and chemical FREE
Caring for you and mother nature

Beautiful designs
Designs that reflect your intentions

Yoga Rituals
For all levels of yogis


Settle Petal's mats are made of natural tree rubber that is sourced ethically and 100% biodegradable, with a micro-fibber suede upper with beautiful designs made with water based inks. All our products are 100% plastic and chemical free!
Settle Petal's yoga mats are non-slip, long lasting mats that are easy to care for!
No one is left out with adult and children's sized yoga mats...we also cater for those taller yogis!



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